Basic Controls

  • To drift left, tap on the left side of the device.
  • To drift right, tap on the right side of the device.
  • To brake, tap or hold both sides of the device.


Drifting is essential to racking up points in Team Drift Cats! Drift around corners to earn more points in each race.


If the turning feels too loose or too tight, you can change the sensitivity in the Settings menu. Go to  the GEAR icon in the top left of the screen and move the slider left and right.

Moving it left, towards 0, will make the steering much tighter and less responsive.

Moving it right, towards the 10, will make the steering more responsive and loose.


Different accessories will also affect the steering as each item has a different level of grip, speed and acceleration. Try out different combos to see what works best for each cat.

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