In order to add to your collection of cats and accessories, you have to earn cards! There are several ways to do this.

  • Win any Daily Race to win a card. The better you perform, the more cards you will win.
  • Earn Coins by playing the Practice Race. Cash in the Coins to purchase packs of cards.
  • Watch an Ad to earn Coins. Cash in those Coins to purchase packs of cards.


RED cards have no rarity. These cards are the most likely types of cards awarded in a regular card pack

BLUE cards have a low rarity value.

GREEN cards have a high level of rarity.

GOLD cards are the most rare cards available. These cards may have more than one accessory attached to a single card, allowing cats to wear multiple items on the same body area.


Each card has a number on the top right. The number indicates how many of those cards you have available. To deck out your team in the same gear you will need to get at least 5 of the same item.


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