How do I play

Getting Started

Get started playing today by visiting in your browser. You can play without having to create an account. The first drop-down menu you will see is the closest server it has automatically selected for you. Then, you can simply specify any name in the "Your name" box and jump right into the action!


Choose your starter animal

When you initially start playing, you can pick one out of the four animals to start out as. Depending on which animal you choose, you may spawn in a different "biome". For instance, choosing the Mouse, you'll spawn on grass. Choosing the Shrimp will spawn you in the ocean.



Once you've selected one, your goal is to evolve to be the biggest animal you can be!

You can achieve this by eating the red dots or food items around the map to grow. You will earn XP and you should see an experience bar at the bottom of your screen to let you know when you can evolve.

Also, keep in mind that you do also need water, which you can consume the blue dots or by swimming in water.

Look out for other players bigger than you, they can eat you and you will have to start over! Good luck!


To move around, your animal will always follow the direction your cursor is on the screen.

Hold LEFT CLICK to run faster. Keep in mind this uses your water.

Hold RIGHT CLICK or W key to dive while you're in water.

Press ENTER to chat with other players.

Press W or RIGHT CLICK to activate your animal's ability. Only for certain animals. 

Press S to spit out water or fire depending on the animal you are.

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